Doctors receive a detailed questionnaire when reporting a SUE of special interest (“event of interest”) and for all SUE with a possible causal connection to therapy. Inquiries are made for patients under any therapy.

SUE requests are processed by post. In order to keep the workload for the doctors as low as possible, all information available in the DRFZ is already entered (e.g. IDNR of the patient, time of measurement of the report, initials of the patient (to avoid confusion), reported event, previous therapy documented in RABBIT).

These forms are to be supplemented with information to confirm the diagnosis (e.g. in the case of infections, whether germs could be determined and which methods were used) and to treat the event. Furthermore, we ask for other accompanying therapies at the time of the event, and whether the therapy previously reported at the time of measurement was the one the patient was immediately under when the event occurred, as well as whether therapies were discontinued or paused due to the event. This information is important to us because it provides details of the events and the time immediately surrounding the event.

If the treating rheumatologist does not have any information about the event and if it cannot be obtained from the family doctor, please note this on the sheet and return it to us.
If no information is available in the event of death, the cause of death will be investigated at the responsible health authority.