FAQ by doctors

What to do if a scheduled measurement time was missed?
If a measurement time (from T2) was missed by more than 4 months, let the data entry form expire and continue the documentation with the next form (but then again with the appropriate time). Please keep in mind that the time for filling in the different measuring points always depends on the inclusion date! This means that if you fill in a sheet late, the interval to the next sheet will be shortened, as this sheet is not affected by the delay. In general, you should try to complete the data entry forms at the scheduled time (T1 after 3, T2 after 6, T3 after 12 months, etc.). This means that a missed T1 cannot be made up in month 6, because then T2 should already be completed. However, small deviations from the schedule are unproblematic and in any case better than an incomplete data entry form. Graphic measurement times
What to do if the last measurement time was a long time ago?
Continue the documentation with an appropriate data entry form if a patient who was documented by you in RABBIT is treated again by you after a longer break. We are very interested in tracking as many patients included in RABBIT as possible as long as possible! But: A patient whose last measurement date was more than two years ago is finally considered a dropout by us. A continuation of the documentation is then no longer possible. This demarcation is important for the quality of the data: the larger the time gap, the less informative is the course of therapy and disease and, of course, of the adverse events that may have occurred in the meantime.
What to do if the diagnosis RA does not apply?
If the RA diagnosis needs to be revised during treatment, please let us know. The patient will be excluded from the observation. My patient changes to another doctor. What should I do?
My patient changes to another doctor. What should I do?
Please notify us if you get to know about a change of doctor. If we know the name and address of the new colleague, we can contact him to arrange further observation of the patient. We are very interested that the observation continues until the planned end. The patient’s ID number remains the same. It is desirable for the new physician to continue with the data collection folder that has already been started. In this case you can send us the folder and we will forward it to the rheumatologist for further treatment.